Guide to Flowers

Trimming your Flowers

When your flower have been delivered, you will want to look after them and make the most out of them, Ellon Flowers have a useful guide to your flowers on how to make them last and maintain their freshness and good quality. Ellon Flowers always use the highest quality flowers and all of the flowers we use are directly imported to us from Holland so they are as fresh as can be. Ellon Flowers recommend trimming a little bit off of the stems of your flowers so when you put them in water they are perfectly fresh and their stems can absorb as much water as possible. Ellon Flowers  recommend removing the wrapping first as well as any excess foliage, as foliage in the water can release a bacteria which has a detrimental effect on the flowers.

Displaying the Flowers

The best thing you can do is ensure the container you are putting your flowers in is clean and has lukewarm water, too hot can cause them to die and too cold means they won’t absorb as much, if your flowers come in a vase or basket already, our florists at Ellon Flowers have already ensured these last measures have been taken, all that’s left to do is enjoy them and trim them every so often.  We provide flower food which should be added to the container before the flowers, this food will make sure the flowers are getting all of the goodness they need. Ellon Flowers highly recommend that all your flowers should be kept out of directly sunlight for example in a window, this can cause flowers to dehydrate and die so you won’t get the most out of your flowers from Ellon Flowers. Ellon Flowers also recommend keeping your flowers away from any ripening fruit, these fruits can release a harmful gas which could cause your flowers to rapidly deteriorate. If you have any further questions regarding the care of your flower from Ellon Flowers all you need to do is call or email us and we would be happy to help in any way we can, our florists can advise you on any aspect of caring for your flowers.

Temperature for your flowers

The Ellon florists would always recommend that you keep your flowers in a cool room. If you place your flowers in a hot environment then it is more than likely that your flowers will dry. Their longevity will be severely reduced. We have on countless occasions had people telling us their flowers haven't lasted as long as they would have expeceted. When asked where they are placed in the room, it is often or not placed right next to a radiator and therefore that will have affected them badly.